Telemedicine / Telehealth

Video Conferencing breaks down distance barriers and facilitates communication between patients, practitioners, specialists, and healthcare administrators utilizing collaborative standards based voice and video solutions. For example, the Polycom Practitioner Cart® HDX® mobile healthcare solution for the patient side sends live high definition video, audio, and PC images such as the EHR to the far side specialist who uses Polycom desktop video solutions. The specialist can easily control the distant patient side camera, share their PC content, and access browser-based applications like EMR/EHR, PACS, and lab reports.

  • Live video collaboration between community health centers, hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists and patients supports the Medical Home model
  • Physicians can provide their expertise from home or anywhere to deliver specialty services like TeleStroke, TeleMental Health, and Primary Care
  • Correctional Telehealth helps avoid costly, unnecessary and risky transports to hospital
  • Specialists control the far end camera for better examinations